cant open card in xncs 1.8


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May 1, 2005
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guys ive installed xncs 1.8 on my laptop but it wont let me read the card when ig to settings i untick always install ghost and i tick dump card priority bug as ive always done then i go to read the card it comes up with a error unable to open com port win error code 2 ive set the com to no 1 but still no go where am i gpoing wrong please help
check that no other program is using the comport

if non is try removing the comport
and reboot the os will find it and re install it then try
tried that m8 still get the same error cant open com port
does your laptop have a proper com port, or are you using a usb / 232 interface?
no it has a propper com port m8 i had this same prob when i first put xncs on my desktop but cant remember how i got round it
Have a go at putting that adapter back to com3 in the device manager and then changing XNCS to match.

You know that the adapter was working on com3 previously so if XNCS still has a com error after the change I would suspect a missing software file e.t.c.

You could also try a fresh reinstall of XNCS.

I had to do this when XNCS would always return a "no atr" message everytime I tried to connect to a rom card and it fixed the prob.
clamdog said:
thats what i did m8 a ok now cheers for that

Nice one mate.

The only problem will be when you use software that does not allow high numbered com ports but thats a different story.

Out of curiousity, did you find out why you could not assisgn the adapter to com1? Possibly a conflict with another device like a bluetooth card?

Also, have you noticed that when you glitch with these adapters it takes about 50% longer?

It did with mine anyway. That's why I took the advice of TBC and stuck with a dedicated com port for more stable results.