cant get reworked files to work?


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Oct 4, 2005
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i have been playing around with service files and bouquets files from my area and my mates and managed to download xml editor transfered all our files into the right bouquets and transfered all our service files put them in the right transponder areas and saved them in xml format ,now they look the same as the originals but with the new ones added but when we transfer them to our boxes it says no service files what am i doing wrong??
hi m8 make sure the file names are services.xml and bouquets.xml

that should do it m8
i think i have followed everthing to the letter all the liitle tabs are where they should be the look the same i even printed them of and i still cant tell the differance lol its just me getting everything wrong again cant seem to do anything right lol
well there is something wrong maybe you should look at the files in metapad and compare these files and see if there is a difference thats what it sounds like anyway

hi guys managed to get this working for some unknown reason when i transfered my .xml service file it read service.xml. there was an extra dot at the end who would have believed it its now working thanks for your advice cheers (if i had to buy you pair drinks for all you have helped me with i would need to buy a pub)lol