cant find a guide for volt meth


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Oct 22, 2005
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hello again i got me a 1000 and a 2000 and im looking into doing volt method for bk on prob is ive scoured the download sections and cant find owt regarding this meth(other than fo a 4000) could sum one point me in the right direction please
thanks fella.i thought that the ledd simm was differant to the volt meter method,
its moor or less the same as led sim but the led simm has leds and a switch wher as the volt meter works off volt reading 0 volts or 3. volts but here is a tip
try to get your self another simm as the one i solderd up i saved so i can do other boxs with it so now with the 1000s i only need to solder 6 wires under the board and a link on the top and just plug my already made simm in to it
well worth doing i think
is it right that i can use this method on a 2000 ,ive seen referances to it but nowt else