can't connect my laptop to my cable modem

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Mar 18, 2005
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i have a motorola cable modem supplied by ntl which i connect through a usb lead to my pc. there is also a rj45 connection on the back, i put a straight lead between the modem and my laptop i can ping it and veiw all the setting on the modem, but it doesn't give me the internet. help please

Try to connect the modem via ethernet to your computer then reboot the modem.
no joy get the local area connection icon come up on the task bar but no internet
What IP address are you getting?

Also, can you ping out to any sites (e.g. ping
can not ping goolge from the laptop when connected but can ping the modem
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help i'm tryin to this workin so i cam plug my xbox into it
i was under the impression these boxes can only use 1 port at a time.....only use usb or ethernet,think u need a router after the modem to connect pc/lappy/n console
in the Configuration Manager on the modem under addreses it says this

Known CPE MAC Address (Max 1) Status

1# 00:0*:B*:8*:32:** Learned

take it that means it can only connect to 1 computer?
do you have the install dvd that came with the modem if so run it on the laptop and it should do all the configuration for you
its easier to buy a router , u need to know what you are doning to get both working around 30 quid , once you do this get rid of the usb connection dont use it
I have never loaded any of the broadband CD's supplied by CC, found them to be more trouble that they were worth. The ethernet port is the better option. Connect a straight ethernet cable from lappy to modem. On your lappy do Start > Run > CMD > ipconfig /release return and then ipconfig /renew. You might need to repeat the last command a few times.

I assume you have already tried NTL's Helpdesk?