can sky box pick up other satelites?


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Sep 21, 2004
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hi guys i am upgrading to sky+ and so will have a spare sky box...can i use it to pick up other satelites such as eutelsat? i have a basic panasonic box
cheers in advance!
I'm sure you can through the 'System Setup' and 'Add Channels' options but if you are after Eutelsat W2 at 16 deg east you will need another dish.
Also, the Sky box will only let you view FTA channels.
no m8 different polarizations............i think and as already stated it has no built in cam so will only view FTA channels anyway
Also there is a limit on the symbol rate the box can accept. It can only except frequencies with the symbol rate of 27500 or 22000.
I thought polarisation was OK, I can select either Horizontal or Vertical OK.
All you need to do is enter the frequency, polarisation and FEC and then search for channels.
Another problem is that if you set up some channels and then switch the box off you lose the channels you've set up.
In my view you are better off buying a dedicated SAT receiver, they are cheap enought on Fleabay now.
Some success

I did try this in the past, however I only managed to pick up 20 or so channels on the 60cm dish - mostly French !

Talking to friends, a 80-100cm dish is required to get any reliable reception and then most channels need a CAM decoder, so effectively a new receiver is required.

Not too much to gain I'm afraid.
As regards the dish size, it depends where you live and which satellite you want to pick up. I personally use a 60cm dish left over from my Sky analogue days but fitted with a decent up-to-date LNB. I use that to pick up ART sport on the Hotbird satellite at 13 deg east with no problems at all.

But you can't use a Sky receiver, Sky has built in NDS encryption only whereas ART uses Viaccess. If I connected a Sky Digibox to my dish, I could receive FTA channels (such as BBC World) but that is it.
Sky digiboxes can be used to pick up other satellites with suitable dish but only for free to view channels ,problem is it is so user unfrendly it is realy to much bother to do this as you can get many fta digital recivers cheap which are much more user friendly.