Can I use 2 routers to boost/direct weak signal

kenny senior

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Mar 29, 2005
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Hi, Since I have moved house to a bungalow and had my wi fi router set up I am struggling to get a good signal in my sons room, possibly a blind spot. With the D Link router NTL supplied this room has next to no connection but when I use my original Belkin router his laptop will connect although slightly slower. His Xbox 360 picks up next to no signal with either router and will not connect. Both routers are N rated and the Belkin worked fine with the Xbox at the previous house. The wi fi adapter on the Xbox is a single aerial type as apposed to the dual aerial type ( not sure if one is a G and the other an N but it worked fine at the other house ), I could possibly change this.
My main question was can I use the spare D Link router together with the Belkin as a range extender or to get a signal into this room. Would it need to be hard wired to the modem as with the Belkin or could it be strategically placed in the house or this room to aid the signal.
I know next to little about configuring routers so if it is too difficult I may not be able to do it but am willing to give it a go.
I hope this makes sense, thanks in advance.


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Aug 23, 2007
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If either of the routers can act as a wifi repeater/extender then you can use to extend the range of the signal without having to use a cable between them. Have a look through the menu options and see if either support that option.

Or if the post the model numbers I am sure somebody here will have a look at the specs.


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Oct 29, 2007
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If you have not resolved it yet provide the model numbers of the routers and we maybe able to help you further.