can i do this to the bouquets files?


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Oct 4, 2005
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hi there i am gonna try liam`s new image as soon as i can but i wan to ask this question
i used gav`s new image and am still happy with it, did a scan and found loads of channels (305)then i used bouquete editor and put them all the way i want them,well can i use my edited files with loads more channels and edit the service files and bouquets for my area and add them to them ?you know like i have found m4+but its not on the ones i got of forum and the history channel +1 can i edit them and put them onto my files i found to-day and will they work?(liam does this make sense)i have to ask him cause he picks up my bad grammer lol:Jester:
sorry m8 the bad grammer is too appauling lol!
are you trying to combine PARTS of service files?
yep thats no problem. just cut and paste the bits you want and the bits you dont, and combine them all into one file. works no problem.
Lol :)
Just make sure you keep the same format. Dont go changing text and all that. Copy and Paste is all thats needed.

Sorry to jump onto post, seeing as your question has been answered i am taking over this thread ;)

On bouquetter, i have ftp the service and bouquets over, but how do i physically add channells to my bouquets, they wont drag over and i cant see an import button or the like.
Connect your box as normal, then go to the "settings" screen on Bouquetter. Type in your box IP etc.

Then, click on the "Open" button on the toolbar and it will say "from box" or "from file" or something similar. You want "from box".

It will then just import the files straight into the program.