can anyone confirm?


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Jul 26, 2005
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cut talkback on 2000 box and hopefully programed rom7 with au image .had it working on my other box, changed ird and bk...can anyone tell me have i done everything befor i connect it up???? or have i forgot something? many thanks
its already set for my area ( i think) checked it in engineers menu . i've done cards befor but this is my first box... anything else mate?
not connected it to the cable yet.. didnt no if i missed something or if i have to do anything to stop it locking... is it ready for a try? i have another box 1000 model but it keeps saying err2 which i understand is not enough dram??????? can it be fixed or is it scrap???
for the 1000 box you need to clean the simm and its socket - it is a stand up board behind the front panel inside the box.
cheers twobeercans.appreciate i gather you have read these threads am i ok trying this box ??? don't mind if it locks and i've done everything i should of....
seems ok to me - i wouldn't worry about cc turning up on the doorstep (if you've cut ~TB) then all thats left is to try it... goodluck!
it works mate, brilliant... just one other question if you don't mind.. my head is done in now.. whats the easiest way to reset the password????no idea what it is at the min.. and thanks for the help to both of you.
you will need to use libby to reset the password mate