Can a Laptop receive cctv ?


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Oct 20, 2009
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Can a laptop pick up wireless cctv cameras ?
What software etc would be needed?
Thanks in advance:Clap:
I would hestiate to say you probably need to software for the wireless cam to connect to it. Not sure though
Nope you need a reciever to grab the signals. It is possible to get a reciever and send it to a laptop using a USB capture device.

It's called warspying. Watch this show, it teaches you how to build one and shows it working.

Building a War Spying Box - Systm
Sorry for the misinformation then :(
Sorry for the misinformation then :(

Not quite.

CCTV is normally analogue, which is not compatible with PC wifi, which is digital. They have their own frequencies too, which are close to PC wifi and which is why a wireless camera setup interfere with wireless pc setups.

If the camera/s is/are IP camera/s, they are designed to be connected to a wireless router then you could use a small mobile reouter to connect to the camera and laptop, or use the laptop to connect to the router the camera/s are connected to. But you would have to crack the WEP/WPA encryption first.

You wouldnt need any software as most IP cameras have builti in web servers so you can just find the IP and use Firefox.

I have seen a number of firms and offices that use wireless IP based camera systems as they are the easiest for someone in house to setup.