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Can a Cisco or Mitel IP phone work with Skype?

Discussion in 'Wired and Wireless Networking' started by qwertyasdfg, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. qwertyasdfg

    qwertyasdfg VIP Member VIP Member

    Morning All,

    As per the subject title, I was wondering if it's possible to make an IP phone work with skype and if so, how would one go about doing it?

    I have a mitel 5201 and a 5215 dual plus a cisco cp-7912g, is it possible to set up any one these phones for use with skype?

    I have tried to search for a solution over the internet but have had no luck as of yet, so any advise and help on the subject would be much appreciated.
  2. totalgenius

    totalgenius Active Member


    Skype uses proprietary closed standard protocol unlike VOIP which uses H323, SIP or IAX.

    As a result no real voip hardware works properly with skype, unless its designed by skype.

    So for time being you'll have to go with other providers.

    Btw let me know if your are in search of hosted/local voip system.

    Hope it helps.
  3. qwertyasdfg

    qwertyasdfg VIP Member VIP Member

    Thanks for your reply, just had these ip phones sitting in the garage for ages and wanted to see if i could hook one of em up in the house for international calls etc...
    not really interested in a hosted/local voip system but thanks for the offer.

  4. Timbo

    Timbo Member

    Hey, if these phones are just sitting about doing nothing would you be interested in selling one to me?

    I am just moving house and can't afford to pay BT or virgin the line rental each month :( Can't actually afford much at the moment, so I was looking at using sipgate? as I already have a local number from them. PM me and let me know if it's something you'd consider? Much appreciated.
  5. qwertyasdfg

    qwertyasdfg VIP Member VIP Member

    PM sent
    If anyone else is interested in purchasing a BNIB mitel 5201 handset then feel free to get in touch.

  6. Timbo

    Timbo Member

    Cheers mate, replied, but I can't afford that much at the moment to be honest.

    Thanks for taking the time though
  7. qwertyasdfg

    qwertyasdfg VIP Member VIP Member

    no worries, I sent you a link for an alternative just a tad over your budget, hope it helped.

  8. Timbo

    Timbo Member

    Many thanks for your help.

    Much appreciated!
  9. MitelSE

    MitelSE New Member

    As others have mentioned Skype uses a proprietary call control protocol and codec. They also use a peer-to-peer technology that is proprietary. When and if Skype becomes SIP compatible Mitel phones may be able to work with it.
  10. MajorDan

    MajorDan New Member

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