Calzaghe faces Warren court claim


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Nov 19, 2004
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World champion boxer Joe Calzaghe is facing a High Court action from his former promoter Frank Warren after the pair parted company in June.

The claim was lodged via Warren's company Sports Network three days after Calzaghe announced he was planning to promote his own fights.

This ended the super-middleweight and light-heavyweight champion's 12-year association with Warren.

Full details are yet to emerge, and Warren has declined to comment.

Neither has Calzaghe been available for comment.

It emerged on Tuesday that Calzaghe's planned September super-fight with Roy Jones Jr in New York had been postponed because the Newbridge-based southpaw injured his right hand in training.

Calzaghe's father and trainer Enzo said he was optimistic the bout could be rescheduled for later in the year and 8 November was mooted by Jones.

The Welshman, unbeaten in his 15-year boxing career, is currently a big box-office draw in the USA after stepping up to light-heavyweight to beat Bernard Hopkins on a spilt points decision in April.

Story from BBC SPORT:

Published: 2008/07/25 12:47:33 GMT


wonder will what happen to the Roy Jones fight now


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Mar 19, 2006
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...wonder will what happen to the Roy Jones fight now

hope Calzaghe heals up ok and they get the RJJ fight on this side of 2008 and then next year throw the winner in against Pavlik.


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Apr 2, 2007
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just to add to this story...

£1m Lawsuit Stuns Calzaghe

WORLD champion Joe Calzaghe is stunned to find himself at the centre of a bitter £1m legal battle with his former promoter Frank Warren.

Speaking about the issue for the first time, Calzaghe’s father and trainer Enzo said: “We’re absolutely shocked by this. We have only just learned about it ourselves, so can’t say too much at this stage.”

But he insisted: “We have not done anything wrong. Nothing whatsoever.

“In time, we can make a proper comment about the whole thing. But we need to speak to Frank ourselves first to find out exactly what it is about.

“Until we talk to him, and listen to what he has to say, we can’t say any more.”

Warren, who helped groom Calzaghe into Britain’s most successful fighter in history, is issuing his £1m High Court suit after the pair parted company in June. Two months earlier, Calzaghe and Warren celebrated together in Las Vegas as the Newbridge ace beat the legendary Bernard Hopkins to record the biggest triumph of his unbeaten career.

But the legal claim was lodged via Warren’s company Sports Network three days after Calzaghe announced he was planning to promote his own fights.

Calzaghe has been with Warren for 12 years, but chose to go on his own to promote his next super fight against Roy Jones Jr in New York.

Calzaghe (right), who has become a huge box-office draw in the United States after the thrilling manner of his win over Hopkins, can maximise his earnings as his career winds down by going it alone.

Full details of the legal action are yet to emerge. Warren has declined to comment, while the Calzaghe camp are keeping their views close to their chest.

However, a source close to the camp said: “The Calzaghes are absolutely shocked by this and can’t understand why it is happening.

“Their rapport with Warren has always been excellent and they are surprised this has been made public. Their view is that the special bond they had built up with Warren is worth more than any fistful of dollars via a court case.”

Meanwhile, Calzaghe has revealed his own frustration for the first time after being forced to postpone his eagerly-anticipated showdown with Jones.

The fight is being rescheduled for November 8 and Calzaghe said: “This has been an extremely difficult week for me. I have been depressed and angry to see my fight with Jones postponed.

“The injury happened on Monday, less than a week after I returned to full training at the Calzaghe gym in Newbridge. I threw a right-hook at the pads and instantly I knew it hadn’t landed as intended. I had a jolt of pain in my wrist.

“In the past I have been plagued with hand trouble, breaking bones in my left hand. So I guess the good news is that this time it is my right wrist.

“I can also reveal that I have broken no bones. I just need to rest it completely for a minimum of two weeks.

“I can’t beat Roy Jones with one hand and shouldn’t try. I want to be in wicked form by the time I face him.”