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Dec 13, 2005
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Im looking to complie a manual for all methods and ways to gain cable TV..

im lookin to comple something simmilar to the haynes for for cabel modem hacking found here :

Now i know the tutorials are avaliable at the moment but want to put eveything together in one place for refernce as well as for newbs....

ok i know you have stuff allready and i could just search but this is a new thing so a new idea or werite woud be appreciatbe in the format of the CBLmondem haynes.. so what i woud like is some one to contrubuite the nessary information . tutorial and we can get a DW approved haynes..


General Over View - [Waiting]
Modding Pace 1000 - [Waiting]
Modding Pace 2000 - [Waiting]
Modding Pace 4000/4010 - [Waiting]
Modding Sammy 2100 - [Waiting]
Modding Sammy 2110 - [Waiting]
Progging Fun4 - [Waiting]
Progging Opos - [Waiting]
Progging Tit 1/2 - [Waiting]
Progging Mosc - [Waiting]

Any thing else let me know.. lets finally get a all in one tutorial with thw files available in one place to help free up forum time for problems not unessary posts about questions that can be answered in one place..

Lets work together on this..

remember base it on the CM haynes.. ill just complie it for everyone..

Attach rar/zips containg doc files or rtf files with images and nessary fies and we will get this together..

Many Thanks from mysef and well prob from all of DW
There is everything for the sammy 2100, 2110 and the pace 4010. They include tuts and pics for everything (reset pin, talkback, ird and bk, jtag etc)
u would want to include bits out of the novice angels guide (bit dated now) but with updated info .etc

and stuff about tiers.etc
4000 and Samsung 2110C

This all the info and tools as regards to jtagging on 4000 and Samsung
You're also probably going to have to include a section on glitching as its the only method with some boxes !