Cable lengths/Signal Strengths


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Dec 6, 2004
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Got a PACE boc which works fine off cable length of about 2 metres. I relocated the box to a bedroom and ran a 10m cable to it (the 10m cable is joined to the 2 metre cable with a connector.

First problem is when booting the box I get TUNE instead of a clean boot. So, holding the UP button and powering the box it boots ok but then I i can't get loads of channels like S*y sports and even channel 5 but can get lots of other stuff including VH1 chans.

When I put the box back on the 2 metre cable it boots fine and get all channels so was wondering whether cable length was an issue?

Any ideas?
It can be mate but if you are using good quality double screened cablethen 10m shouldnt make much difference its more likely the way you are connecting the two lengths.
What type of connector/splitter are you using?
could be the way youve ran the cable,ie bends in cable or if cable is squashed or even the way youve tacked the cable all these can attenuate the signal,using proper jointer with cable there is no signal loss,hope this gives you something to go start with connections first,
thanks for the advice guys, i'll try replacing the joiner with a splitter.