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cabel -wizards wanky forum

Discussion in 'The Rant Room' started by janen1987, Feb 23, 2017.

  1. janen1987

    janen1987 New Member

    I used to be a member years ago but lost my details & couldn't get in along with a few others...
    anyway ..
    went to re join & was banned before I started!!! had a lame message say suspected spammer or hacker!
    what do the think their hosting on there a mothers club ha ha

    maybe it's the VPN !
  2. Napster

    Napster Global Moderator

    there must have been a good reason why you was banned, and from reading your post I can see why
  3. Mick

    Mick Administrator Staff Member

    I think anyone that runs a forum is doing it generally for the good of a community.

    People generally have a problem with rules, if I went into someone else's house I would personally respect their rules. I don't see why a forum is any different!

    All forums I know, the moderators and admin do the job out their own free time and to build something special for the members/community.

    And the long standing members enjoy helping others and the banter and surroundings.

    It's probably your vpn mate, so calling them a Wanky forum is a bit harsh.


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    Last edited: Feb 23, 2017
  4. janen1987

    janen1987 New Member

    how could you know anybody before they've posted?.... & if there was good reason to ban why didn't they do that the 7 years I was already on there?
  5. chookey

    chookey VIP Member

    The title of your thread isn't exactly nice mate, the comments you make about them in your first post aren't nice either.
    You claim you were a member for seven years but have lost your login details, your fault, not theirs.
    There are ways to contact them and sort it out but rubbishing a similar forum here is not the way to go about it.
  6. janen1987

    janen1987 New Member

    I Thought I was in the 'Rant' room......??? :Chainsaw:
  7. chookey

    chookey VIP Member

    You started it :proud:
  8. johnboymartin

    johnboymartin VIP Member

    forums dont ban peploes unlest there good reson
  9. johnboymartin

    johnboymartin VIP Member

    it was the word Wanky forum
  10. craigneuk

    craigneuk New Member

    Here ive got to have two of them in morning to get my heart started!!
  11. nara

    nara VIP Member

    Not necessarily.
  12. chookey

    chookey VIP Member

    I'm not the one who was banned, nicely put though :eh?:
  13. johnboymartin

    johnboymartin VIP Member

    i join u lol
  14. buzzer

    buzzer <font color="blue">Console Moderator +</font>

    The O/P should steer well clear of these "w*nky" forums and start one of his/her own, if he or she thinks they can do better..

    Have a go yourself before criticising others who spend their hard earned cash and time to provide you with a free product..

    I for one would join and post my opinion on who runs the better forum.. :)
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2017
  15. johnboymartin

    johnboymartin VIP Member

    and what you said is 100 per cent right
  16. Spectre

    Spectre Active Member Staff Member

    I haven't looked into where or what it is but the IP address the OP used to sign up on this forum is in SPAM databases. A lot of VPNs and whatnot get used by botmasters and forums can be hit with hundreds of sign-up attempts per hour. It depends how the specific forum (although some can be prevented at other levels) configures their bot sign-up defence; if they were getting thousands from that IP address they might have just set the software to treat all registration attempts from that IP as spammers otherwise they would have to sort the registrations by hand.

    Ban is a bit strong for an iffy IP address alone though, that doesn't happen here :).
  17. john2501

    john2501 New Member

    if you think it's a wanky forum why did you go back?
  18. miggy

    miggy VIP Member

    Because he is a ****** perhaps?. ;)

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