ca ippv status (no purchase)


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Oct 5, 2005
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Belfast, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
hello ppl
i hope someone can help i aint getting the movie channels because it wont let me enter the pin
in the settings menu on the new virgin software im getting
network id is (ok)
stb serial no (ok}
card no (ok)
dhcp settings (return path is on) for testing only
pin status value (pin active)
ip address (ok)
application version (11.1.8_ukcable
ca ippv status (no purchase)
snr (45.2)
pre rs errors (0 per0.5s)
post rs errors (0 per0.5s)
agc signal level (33)

i have two sammy 2100 both on atmega 163s both on the ssame software and the only difference is on gives allows you to enter pin the othe doesent give the pin screen.......but one box shows ca ippv status active the other not active can someone tell me what this means and can it be fixed

if you're c+w pull the power lead and let it reboot.... ippv status (no purchase)

It simply means that you have no outstanding (not yet paid for) pay-per-view purchases using that card. On some boxes it can also mean that you've never made a PPV purchase (as far as the boxes records can remember).

As an awful lot of subbed boxes report this condition its doubtful if it has anything at all to do with red button stuff.