CD & DVD Buying Discs

i always use riteck found them to be the best work great for dvd data and xbox and at £20 for 100 and they are printable too bargain :)
i always use local computer show pleny of traders under one roof so plenty of choice and prices
I've found that most local PC stores are selling 50 DVD-R's for £9.
DiscoDave said:
Once again thanks a lot folks but just another quick question what is the most common disk to use is it + or - DVDr.

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I think you'll find the majority of people use the -r I get mine from here.
Personally I only use {DV 3166} Ritek G05 "Full-Face Printable" A Grade (8x), never had a problem with them in xbox, car mp3/dvd player or in the home player
i always use the ritek too but the +r's cos the one comp has only a + drive,but as george says they r really good,i have never has a coaster out of them yet touch wood.
ive just ordered some from the same place as george for the 1st time cos i needed some photopaper and they do seem to be really good on price.