Burka's Future In The UK ?

Ban The Burka ? (UK)

  • Yes Ban In The UK

    Votes: 106 79.1%
  • No Ban They Should Be Allowed To Wear Them

    Votes: 11 8.2%
  • Dont Care Either Way

    Votes: 17 12.7%

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Aug 29, 2001
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with the ban hitting France and it seems a debate in the UK I thought we could have a sensible debate about it here ?

was watching this on the BBC Website today

BBC News - Newsnight - 'Burka ban' MP meets veiled women in Whitechapel

I missed Newsnight last night,did anyone watch it ?

whats your thoughts on the Burka in the UK ?

please can we keep it civil

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I don't really care either way, what interests me is do the women want to wear them themselves or are they forced to do so by a male dominated society? It makes a big difference.
im not allowed into a bank, shop, even the local corner shop with my morphsuit covering my face, you have to take off a crash helmet entering a bank, post office or garage, so yes, why make one rule for everyone except one group of people?

ban it
Just because someone wears a burka doesn't make them a threat to national security.

You can't ban people from wearing what they want, but perhaps in certain circumstances they should not be appropriate attire.

Nothing worse than seeing someone at the pool struggling to swim around wearing a burka! lol ;)
Ban it, for reasons above.. Hoodys are banned.. Helmets are banned.. . We dont wanna see people walking behind you at night with a balaclava/helmet on a secluded street.. what makes the burka diferent??
I dont care either way

Cant see i'v seen anyone waring one in glasgow yet lol
In Britain we supposedly have 4.2 million CCTV cameras,whats the point of having them if all you have to do is wear a burka?

From what I've read, the polls seem to suggest that 69 percent of the UK want it banning. We live in a democratic society and I think there should be a national vote as to whether people find it acceptable or not.

Agree with Digi though.

If a persons face needs to be seen eg. bank or airport then it should be a requirement that the burka is removed as it becomes a security issue.
i said ban but id just ban it in public. im talking about the one that covers you 100percent. the one where you can see the face is fine.

purely because as digi said, you cant go into a shopping centre or bank with a helmet on. nothing to do with national security really.

but playing devils advocate, people shouldnt be told what to wear. if the government told me if i cant wear my arsenal shirt, i wouldnt be too happy.

also, they cant use the religious argument to wear it because no religion says that you have to wear the full veil thing. its just uncomfortable and im amazed you can walk the streets and cross the road safely...dunno...maybe i should try it lol
I'm glad the Helmet was brought up tbh :) as you know I ride a vespa daily to work

I pop into the shop most days to buy milk and a paper and the shop owner asked me to remove my helmet (a while ago now)looking slightly worried,I totally understood and removed it

the same would go for where I get my petrol from I would imagine but I just take it off to save getting asked

but it works both ways doesn't it ?
People can't wear want they want, for instance: you can't enter certain places with a crash helmet or wearing hoods. With thousands of potential terrorist in this country, it makes sense that everyone walking around in public places,that they must show their full face.
personal opinion.

theres no religious requirement to wear it, not that that would matter anyway.
do the women actually want to wear it?

in places like

schools, shops, banks, public places, work places i think it should be banned you dont know who is underneath it.

and driving it should be banned at the very very very least , its dangerous and anyone can see that.

human communication is 90% facial expressions.

thats my opinion and i stand by 1000%
ban them where we cant wear items that cover the face.

walking down the street in a crash helmet or hoodie no problem so i dont care if they wear them doing that, but one rule for one and another for others is wrong.

driving, airports, banks, schools, hospitals ect...... remove them

whats good for us is good for them, they cant have it both ways. they want uk benfits (no i dont mean the dole/social benfits) ect... yet they dont want to change there values to suit us. i dont care what the religon or beliefs are this country has its rules and i dont care who you are they apply to us all,

put it this way if i was in there country and they asked me to remove my shoes or some other tradition/rules they have i would abide by it, i wouldnt question it or say its not my way its yours.

when in rome comes to mind.... if you dont like rome you leave.

to be honest i think this subject is only the tip of a very big iceberg i think the gov should be concentrating on the extremists who walk freely down our streets waving banners and calling for death to us and our troops.

different subject so dont dwell on that please we dont want a subject change but i was mentioned to show there is other things more important than wearing a face mask.

this thread might actually be the first in dw history that doesnt decend into chaos, i think we all know why lol.

*cringes at last 2 lines of post*
i said ban but id just ban it in public. im talking about the one that covers you 100percent. the one where you can see the face is fine.

I believe its called a hijab devil.

Personally, I say ban it, simply because of the reasons already posted, but also because of what the london bomber also did. He tried to/did escape the country wearing one, and as people are unable to question or check underneath, then I say ban it.

No where in the Koran does it mention that women should be covered apart from the eyes, this is an interpretation that has been brought into the main stream in modern times. And its somewhat oppressive to women, however the UK being the appeasing country that it is, the politicans simply will not ban it. Viva le france!
I wouldnt ban them. What i would do is allow places to refuse entry to burka wearers. That way the wearer has the choice. Do i want to go in here? If they do then off comes the burka. I would also prohibit them from being worn whilst driving. So if they want to drive then burka comes off.
for me i d like them banned , for the simple reason when in rome do as the romans do , looking @ a pair of eyes through a hood scares the shit out of me , i work and we have a large asian community and i also find the women very ignorant , they stop mid conversation and start talking in their own languge not very nice @ all

my opinion is based on the fact it happens to me day in day out @ work
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