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Jan 6, 2007
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hi ppl
i want to make a website ...does anyone know a good place were i can go to get one... someone said 123 reg is good but not sure... do i need other software to build a site ? and ftp software or do you get all you need when you but a site...sorry if i sound thick but new to this website making stuff....any help plz

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I would download Macromedia Studio 6, that has everything you need to build a website. Dreamweaver, flash, fireworks & cold fusion. I use Core FTP to up load all my stuff to the webserver (Currently my free p2p space on blueyonder).

There are loads of places to get webspace and a domain name from 123 reg being one of them.

Dreamweaver has some good templates to get you on your way to building your own website.

Also see this great sticky by ICE2004 SHOW THREAD

And have a look HERE
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thanks m8

thanks for your help pal....great links very useful info....will remember who help me out if i ever make my E millions ...: multi : : multi :
You need to build the site on your machine. When you buy webspace, thats all you get, and you upload the site you made to there.
If you are a complete beginner to webdesign then I would just say get Dreamweaver 8, and that will be enough to get you going.
You dont need to buy webhosting. Just use a free host. When your site gets popular look into a vps or a dedicated.