bt voyager 2091 connection prob


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Aug 3, 2006
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setting up bt voyager 2091 wireless router .i set up this for a mate ran brill for 12 months then could not connect ,after a load of shit from bt they said they had upgraded the line , it took out router .got new router off fleebay unlocked ,but when plug into phone line adsl lights up but internet light stays unlit according to bt disk it should be lit ,can anyone of u guys confirm if when ethernet cable is unplugged from pc internet light on router is on this will confirm to me that its the bt line and not com prob thanks.
The Router ADSL and Internet light will be on if the Router connects to the Exchange and Authenticates with the ISP.

Unplugging the ethernet cable will not affect those lights
did everything u said have managed to access router managment ie put in password plus id but still gets no connection to net .any more ideas or have we got to go to those arsholes at bt,( they updated line blew original modem after an age on phone sent someone to check line did not offer replacement modem which i think they should have and left us in shit )sorry for rant thanks for all your help .
could well be mate but it is lit up ok on router i think we have to have another go at bt thanks for all your advice mate cheers