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Oct 9, 2005
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just a quick question i'm after a 80cm motorised dish with technomate 1500 box i want it for the football on foreign channels but was wondering will it recieve british channels aswell. ie slysports,movies etc.

if in wrong place just move thread.


It will not decrypt any Sky encrypted channels if thats what you mean?

You can receive all the free-to-air english channels that you can get with a sky dodgybox. You can get some other channels you'd recognise but from other satellites, ie Motors TV, Eurosport, national geographic or sometimes various discovery, MTV, that kinda thing. Hope that helps.
Hi mate you can also get some movies in english from TPS, watched The Alamo today, vintage!! also BBC prime, Eurosport 1 and 2 as well, on hotbird
ok cheers guys was just wondering. it will be able to decrypt the fotball on the foreign channels though wont it. or are they not encrypted?
again pink shows us what he is made of ;)

there is loads to watch on satellite you can pay for it or get loads with certain keys, i was amazed at the choices there was when i first set it up and then about 4 days ago i pruchased a technomate and found i could recieve so many more satellites than on my dreambox, the technomate has a much stronger tuner and picks up loads.... probably wont need much more than 13 east 16 east and 30 west as there is quite a bit open to watch on these and every now and then there is small christmas pressies etc and open up great packages like Taquilla ;)

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ok thanks for that guys i think i'll invest after christmas. so what size dish would you say to recieve turksat? sorry for all the questions as i'm totally new to the sky side just used to dbox's and dreamboxs for cable