Boy And His Broom An Inspiration To Invention


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Jan 21, 2008
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A "Double Broom" created by a five-year-old boy is one of the most ingenious inventions of the last decade, according to the British Library. Skip related content

Sam Houghton came up with the idea at the age of three while watching his father struggling to sweep up garden leaves.

Inspired by his heroes Wallace & Gromit, he decided to tie two brooms together using a rubber band, creating what he called the "Improved Broom".

Sam has since been granted an official patent for his creation.

The Double Broom is designed to collect large debris and fine dust simultaneously.

Experts have now termed the product one of the "most inspiring" inventions of the last 10 years.

It forms part of an exhibition called Inventing the 21st Century which opens Monday at The British Library.

Steve Van Dulken, British Library's patent expert, said: "Sam is an inspiration to all of us so I was adamant throughout the selection of inventions that we include him and his broom.

"We need to encourage more children to get excited about inventing, and provide more emphasis on engineering and invention in our schools."

Other inventions which will be featured at the exhibition are Dyson's Bladeless Fan, the Road Refresher Dog Bowl and the All Terrain Trendy Trekinetic Wheelchair.

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