Box Gone Dead !!!!!!!!!!!! Desperatly need HEEEEELPPP


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Nov 3, 2004
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Hi folks,
Had a couple of months hassle free TV viewing and then this !!
Had problem with the phone line and had to call NTL out, so stached box in cupboard etc made sure everything is all inocent. Bloke come, fixed phone and went. Got box back out cupboard, plug in, all working fine. when out lunchtime, come home, turn TV on - and nothing - notice box is completly blank - no lights, nothing ..................... apart from a continuos ticking noise. tic....tic.....tic....tic....a tic every second or so. it seemed to be from the right had side. I have taken the lid off and had a look but to a electrical novice all looks fine. the box is a Pace2000, with a Titanium 2 card.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me there is something I can do
hi mate have a search for this there is a couple of threads explaining wat to do i think its a cap needs changing but not sure but there are defo a couple of threads that explain wat to do
be verey carefull and call the bomb squad out that tic tic tic noise is a bomb .... most probably put there by an al qaeda terrorist wile you was out on your lunch
Turn your back for a second and they are trying to blow up your living room !!!!!!!! Would you beleive it.... LOL

Mentholflash, cheers mate, any guesses on a suggested search ?
pace 2000

i also had that fault it was a smc near between the scart and rf had gone short i have a pic i took i will try to attatch if not pm me and i will email you it.
KNIGHTMARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! TWOBEERCANS seems to think that the box is beyond fixing for an electrical novice and quite hard to find and then fix, for an expert.

Thanks Wizz2c for the photo - but I am afraid it means absolutly nothing to me, and from what TWOBEERCANS has said the problem could be any one of a long list of things - but he did say he was no expert of the Pace 2000 box - if there is anybody out there who is , please can you help !!!!!!!!

Greatly appreciate any advice I can get........Jimbo
No replies, thats bad............We must assume the worst Captain !........Shes DEAD..........Shes not coming back.......

Ok, so it would appear my box has died, or beyond repair by me. As obviously I cant just ask the CC to bring me a new one, I shall have to get another.

I only had this one for around a year, is this a common for something to short with this box ??? would I be better looking for say, a Pace D4010 ? I live in a ex CW area.

Any Advice would be greatly appreciated, as always.......Jimbo