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Mar 20, 2007
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Broxburn, Scotland
Is it possible to change the picture when the dbox2 boots up ? Or is the picture specific to the image ?
You can change the boot picture to anything u want mate, you can download preprepared images or create your own from any picture u like, there are tools that make it a simple process.

The boot image is called logo-fb, here is a site with a few ready made images, the site also has the tools to allow u to create your own.

You can also change the LCD display during boot.
Get Logoviewer v0.40

This comes with English (and Polish) UI as well as German

More importantly it works.

I could never get the previous version (0.34) to do anything

Good luck!
it very easy using the program but why change it
Just for the sake of it really.

I put a picture of my kids onto my Mums Dbox, awww how cute, lol :)
How do I do this on a Dreambox using the latest DW flash would be nice to have a custom logo when it boots. Which files would I need to change and what format.