boot problems - please help!



My Nokia DBox2 it was working, now suddenly it wont boot up properly. I get the normal boot screen( lots of text, BMon V1. stxID, 2 32/00/08 etc etc). It then goes to "Loading U-Boot 1.1.2 autoboot: 1"
However it then returns to the first screen above. Seems to be in a loop so isn't even loading the image. I can't load a new image cos the box isn't booted so no ip or anything.

Any ideas
This just happens sometimes; there might be a very good reason behind it but who knows?

Just use IFA (Image Flashing Assistant) software to flash a new image to the box - dont worry about IP address or the box booting properly; IFA works like magic and doesnt need anything like that.

Theres a tutorial in the downloads section, if you have a look in the "HELPFUL INFORMATION: Thread Locations" sticky at the top of this section then you will find a few links in there that might help you.

lol liam man we are following each other i never saw your post m8 i swear
Great thanks!
I have managed to get new image on. Used the latest next gen X2 image from posting but cant see the channels. Just blank screen. Do I need to do a scan? I'm in Edinburgh