Boot loader upgrade using serial... 2110


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Mar 19, 2005
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Hi, was just fiddleing with my box and have found that if you power it up holding < and ok on the box it will stop at ld:14 then when you let go of the 2 buttons it goes to ld:16 and you get a message on the tv screen saying

"Please do not switch off your set top box, Boot-loader upgrade using serial. Service will resume when this is complete"

So does that mean that you can flash the firmware on 2110's using a serial cable?? maybe someone could figure out how to flash them with software to show the pin box this way?

I dunno, what do you guys think??

By the way, when its on ld:16 and that message is on the screen it just sits there waiting to receive the new boot-loader and you need to unplug and plug it back in.... box works fine after...
hmm thats intresting

but i guess the bootloader would be signed .etc

and i would suspect u use the test port to put the software on

maybe glitch the boot loader??
I borrowed one of these a week ago to check the reset thing I posted and came across this as well. Like you say it goes to LD16 then the bootloader-must be something in it? I'm sure it's not there for nothing. I wondered about the test port-anyone know what it does?