BMW 318i Steering rack - help?


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Mar 29, 2005
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Just had my MOT and it has failed on the steering rack - says it needs the whole thing replacing?

Can anyone say if this is a really nasty job and how much would be a reasonable charge to do it?

I'm gonna try and get a decent used one if I can but I dont want to ripped off on the labour charge!!

Its a days work on ramps.. and 4wheel alignment..
what year and model ..? Your looking about 200 quid in euro parts for a new rack.. {its not a job you want to do twice}
Its a '92 318i - also says i need nearside front suspension joint which has excessive play in the lower suspension ball joint.

At £200 plus labour and this ball joint thing too it looks like the car might not get done!! Only paid £500 for it in the first place?!!

What could I get a 2nd hand one for? I know its taking a chance but maybe if i see if it got any play before i get it removed from the donor car??

Failing that looks like i need a cheap run about!!
if its play then its the tie rod ends there a pain to change , need very good mole grips or stilsons , only about £30 and side , see if theres a parts company called g.f.s by u there cheap
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