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Aug 8, 2001
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in one of my late night drunken surfing sessions i bought this from ebay.

at the moment i have a wireless lappy that used to print on the printer connected to another computer in the house but the other computer has died

will this allow me to start printing again with the bonus of printing from my xda's and pics straight from the phones? does it replace the pc and make the printer bluetooth only? any help would be great or itll end up in the cupboard with all the other stuff ive bought and never needed lol
Yeah u can use ur pc an all and ya u cna use it to print shit from ur phone :D like eg pics of sheep :D lol j/k :Cheers:
Digi m8...note to ones self, do not buy items when intoxicated..-)lmao..
Well, if your lappy has Bluetooth (you said wireless, which normally means wifi(or such) which is not Bluetooth), then yep you'll be able to print using it. In effect it will replace your (dead) PC, but it will tie up the USB port on your printer, so if then want to attach a usb PC you'll have to unplug the bluetooth thingy...
As for printing from your XDA's, phones etc I think that might be a little more flakey, it says it's got support for Pocket PC & Palm OS....:Jester:
But, hell you've got in your mits, give it a whirl and see what you can do with it.
lone.gunman said:
Digi m8...note to ones self, do not buy items when intoxicated..-)lmao..

some of the best junk ive got of ebay has been while pi55ed m8 lol

so this hasnt got a usb in and a usb out to keep it connected to the pc as well as adding bluetooth then

naver mind lol
Found the manual on the Belkin web site HERE.
In answer to your question, no, it hasn't got USB in & out, only 1 usb socket, which you attach the cable from the printer to.
Might still be worth having a play with anyway..
if you were to attach a usb hub would it allow you to have more than one device bluetooth available