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Jan 9, 2006
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i have decided just to go and buy a blu ray burner for my deskptop. i think internal burners will be quicker rather than connecting via a usb?

i dont know much about the burners at all, does anyone know of any gd ones/bargains?


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May 21, 2009
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Weston Village
I have the LG GGW H20L 4 speed. It's over a year old now, but quite a good burner for both Blu-Ray and DVD. Never had any problems with playback with anything I write, but I always use Taiyo Youden disks (DVD) though.

Todays equivalent is the LG BH10LS30 which is 10x BD-R write, Microdirect have 'em for £87.

As for disks forget 50gb disks they cost a fortune. 25gb disks are around £1-£1.50 if you shop around (Scan had some good ones for about £1.20 each in a pot of 25).

You can get program like BD Rebuilder that will squash a 50gb disk down to 25gb, and also 8.5gb & 4.5gb for writing on DVD-R.

You can burn blu-ray films in AVCHD format on DVD-R disks with much higher quality than DVD but they need to be played back in a Blu-Ray player (or PS3). You can do this with a DVD burner too.

I use imageburn to write disks. In the settings you have to turn OFF the realtime verify in order to speed up burning on BD-RE (re-writable) disks. The options are turn on BD-RE/DVD-Ram fastwrite and turn off BD-R Verify.