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Feb 26, 2007
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The name sums it up perfectly....but it could also be called worse.

The quick explanation is that it is the shitty software that is inflicted on you when you buy a new PC or laptop.

I recently got a (very nice) Dell laptop only to be presented with popups and annyoying s/w trying to install itself etc..

Worse again, after stripping all his crap off the PC what happens.... Yep, my brand new laptop refuses to start up every second or third time. It also won't shut down most fo the time either.

Even worse, The laptop didnt come with a boot CD (they charge extra) and even if it did most fo the boot CD's have the same crap on them anyway.

You pay big money for a PC you should have the option of NOT installing extra software.
Yeah i know what you mean. Dell is very well known for this, reason being is that all these companies such as norton, mcaffee and stuff pay dell to put it on their machines. Thats how dell make their money. Dell dont make any money on their hardware, thats how they can afford to sell laptops at prices of 250quid. What you should do is download the drivers for your particular machine, save it on a disc, the reformat the machine with your own windows xp, with the serial you get at the back of your laptop then put the drivers in that you downloaded. Its a bit of work but remember you got the machine for cheap.

I bought a hp machine and it had none of these 3rd party software, but then again the machine cost 1600quid (i didnt pay 1600 :)). They gave all the driver cd's, documentation and even an xp cd.
they all do it i got a sony vaio lappy, full of sh*t ill never use, who the f*** uses msworks for god sake !! and who wants norton on a laptop its only a centrino it will never ever scan all the files on a virus scan :)

i basically went on sony web site got all the vaio drivers for my machine zapped it and reloaded with the ser number off the base.

as devil666x says its a bit of work but worth it in the end
Thats why i jsut build all my own systems. At least i know what is going on it
Here mate, if you ring up dell and demand your disks they wont charge you (make up some BS that you have crashed the system and the startup disk you made when you bought it is corrupt), ive got a couple of laptops from them in recent years and always got the original software at a latter date, actually i done well on this one with the works, it came with an older version when i rang them they sent the latest version... cost zip. Give them a call you have nothing to lose,
your right though it a disgusting the amount of crap they bundle. who the hell want to use cpu heavy norton when avast does a MUCH better job with virtually no processing power needed.
You should see the cr@p that comes on an IBM laptop. Work gives these out to students on a certain course for the first year and it so so full of stuff not required it really slows them down.
I hate to say it but I'm glad I'm not the only one. Looks lik emost manufacturers have the same marketing ploys. Some of the software is really in your face (Norton Ghost ofr example). A lot of it is scaremongering too with pop ups telling you that your laptop will be vulnerable to invasion by all sorts of nasties unless you pay for the full version of McAfee or whatever.

Its not too bad if you are an experienced PC user but what about the others. I have had to rescue a number of people (inlcuding my dad) who have fallen victim to the above.

Anyway, one fo these days I will reformat and start again. Might even try Vista????
There are places out there that do give you the option whether you want an operating system or have your own windows disc. I would format it, then install either Vista or XP 90 trial versions, call up microsoft and register it as you will have a new valid Microsoft serial number on the PC somewhere?

Job done? Rescue discs sometimes install all the software that your trying to get rid of again so beware?
Yeah, will give Vista a try I think, thanks for all the comments