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Oct 22, 2005
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Blackadder - The Complete Collection [Limited Edition]



Like a skidmark through history the Edmund Blackadders left an indelible dirty stain on every era they passed through. No one knows where the notorious Blackadder family originated from - some say the shallow end of the gene pool, others just nod and point to the cess-pit behind the pig-sheds.

Every new era produces a more contemptuous Edmund Blackadder, each incarnation bearing a striking resemblance to the last, carrying forward the family traditions of cowardice, treachery and political corruption. Accompanying each generation of Edmund Blackadders is the 'Baldrick' family, a loyal breed of human pack-animal and the byword for all things stupid.

This DVD set includes all four series of Blackadder, Blackadder's Christmas Carol and Blackadder: Back And Forth.

Series 1 - Episodes:

1. The Foretelling
2. Born to Be King
3. The Archbishop
4. The Queen of Spain's Beard
5. Witchsmeller Pursuivant
6. The Black Seal

Series 2 - Episodes:

1. Bells
2. Head
3. Potato
4. Money
5. Beer
6. Chains

Series 3 - Episodes:

1. Dish And Dishonesty
2. Ink And Incapability
3. Nob And Nobility
4. Sense And Senility
5. Amy And Amiability
6. Duel And Duality

Series 4 - Episodes:

1. Captain Cook
2. Corporal Punishment
3. Major Star
4. Private Plane
5. General Hospital
6. Goodbyeee

Blackadder's Christmas Carol: 'A Christmas Carol' Blackadder-style. Bet you can't guess who the Scrooge is?

Dickens' classic tale of kindness, truth and virtue completely mucked up and ruined by having a member of the Blackadder family involved. Also Baldrick, of course, the man you can rely on to turn a Christmas dinner into a dog's dinner, as long as the dog isn't particularly fussy. Stuffed with deeply horrid people (many of whom are gigantically fat) and groaning with cartloads of seasonal bottom jokes, it manages to squeeze in not only a Victorian Black Adder but also his famous Elizabethan, Regency and Space Age relatives into a huge pie of entertainment that will satisfy all but the most discriminating viewers.

Blackadder - Back And Forth: It's New Year's Eve 1999 and Lord Edmund Blackadder and friends are gathered to celebrate the Millennium. Blackadder discloses he has built a time machine - and to prove it works he proposes a wager of £10,000 to anyone who cares to name an historical object for him to collect on his journey through time... Blackadder bids his friends farewell and steps into the time machine and he and Baldrick set upon a journey spanning centuries.

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thanks for the info mate cheap if u ask me great britsh comedy