Black Wii on 4.2e


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Jan 7, 2006
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Hi all, first off a BIG thanks to all the guy's (and girls) on this forum, following the instructions from you peeps I was able to sofmod my kids Wii SUCCESSFULLY.
I am know getting ear ache to do the same on my nieces Wii, it is a Black one, this is my question, is there any difference in how I sofmod it OR is it same as the Whites, cheers. :)
only problem with black wii is it wont read dvd-r

u can however run games from an external hard drive using CFGloader

ballys guide will have all the files and steps to do this...

just DONT UPDATE THE WII.. as as far as i know, there is no softmod for 4.3
Thanks Neorage, I was planning on getting her a Hdd for the games, I didn't know if there was any other difference(apart from the colour).Cheers.:)
yh i found out the hard way after burning 5 disks..

luckily gave em tomy neibour so not all was lost lol

good luck mate :)
there is a soft mod for 4.3 but you need a lego indiana jones original adventures game to do it and its very easy and quick to do, there's a guide on here somewhere and links to wiihacks where the files you need are.