bk and ird too short!!!


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Dec 30, 2006
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hi all

I have just jtaged a pace 4010 and the ird is and bk are both one digit too short.

The ird is only 7 digits long and the bk is only 15 digits long.

Surely this cant be right, is there any way of finding the extra digit?

What software you using to read back the bk / ird..

hi mate
had a similar problem on 4001nc using p&p sim, but only the bk was 1 digit short.
converted to hex and just added a 0 on the left hand side and it worked

u can try that and c if works
you can get the last digit off the top of where you plug the scart in .. just take the lid off the box mate
this will make you laugh the ird inside the box is also only 7 digits long and exactly the same as i get when i jtaged it.

i was using samsung debug tool
sorry need my eyes tested, the sticker does have 8 digits for the ird, an extra zero!!

but now i need one more digit for the bk number.

why does the jtag give only 7 numbers for ird?
Tried the 15 digits i have for the bk but all i get is a black screen.

I read previously the even if the bk is wrong you should still get MTV so long as the IRD is correct but with this box i am not even getting MTV with the 15 digit BK.

I guess the box may be knackered because it take about 10 mins to boot up.