Hello all,

I have just got Tele***t to come into my house in Brum and set up a Cable TV package so I can get the feed coming into my house. I have got a Nokia DBox 2 and am using Sportster. Whilst doing a scan, nothing seems to come through (i.e. no picture). Whilst scanning, it does not show any channels clocking up either. I tried various things like changing the transponder frequency, changing my services.xml file but I still dont get any picture at all. It seems like that there is no feed coming into the box, but that cant be right as I have just got it installed.

I am getting frustrated trying to figure this problem out, I have had a look at the white Tele***t box on the wall, and inside it, it has a attenuator (i think it was -4dB), do you think I should disconnect the attenuator and try it ??, not sure if that'll make any difference ??

I also tried it with a ZGore image and still didnt get any picture.
Has anyone got any idea as to what i might be doing wrong ??
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Look forward to your reply



A scan can take upto an hour and will only find channels/transponders in the last few stages. Have you left it long enough?????

Also, if you have the basic TV pack, im guessing that the box TELEWEST gave you DOES work?

Try scanning using an up to date image.