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Jun 28, 2005
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Okay, the cable you have most probably has male connectors (pins) ? Make sure you cable has female connectors (solid end), otherwise you won't be able to do this.

If you need to buy a cable it should only cost you £3 max £5 from a sat shop.
Connect the cable to your pc (com ports....most motherboards have one/two) and connect the other end to your reciever.

Next open up the Loader program and then find the patch 17.10.05, click on Browse and find it, then click on AutoDetect and it should find your TM reciever.........maybe com 1, com 2 etc

Once that's done click on Connect and follow the instructions on your TV and reciever........it will start to count upwards from 0 to 100%.

Remember it has to READ, ERASE and WRITE..... so don't turn your reciever off until this is complete.........if it seems to hang, just let it continue for awhile.

Once finished, just disconnect the cables and then go to the menu of your TM and I think in System Information it should say the date for the patch.

If you mess it up, just do a FACTORY RESET.........it's in the menu.

Remember currently on 30w you can only view the TV Cabo package, which includes (roughly):
Fox Life
MTV Hits
VH1 Classic
All the Lusomundo Movie Channels x5?
Playboy (Porn)
Venus (Hardcore Porn)
Cartoon Network
Discovery Channels x4
................as well as a number of other ones, mainly Spanish or Portugese

BTW If you have a fixed dish, you will need to change that to one which can move (supports are different), should only cost £25 for a 90cm, I have a Stab HH100 motor (runs upto a 1m dish) which only cost £50 and has a 2 year gurantee.

Good luck! Remember keep the instructions to hand

Thanks, Chrome,the cable has 2 opposite [female/ holes] ends so it would fit into the comm ports and tm I think it may double as a printer cable. I have downloaded DM patch and tm loader. I haven't found your pdf manual yet. thanks for info. I have emptied PM inbox. just realised there is a hell of a lot I don't know but... one day...