betaresearch on nokia help me!!!!!


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Jul 9, 2005
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i got a nokia dbox2 off ebay but its just got premier on and it boots up with betaresearch it wont flashany help
not sure
just says lade betaresearch solutions over the rop then herzlich willkommen
if it just says betaresearch solutions at the top and lade at the bottom
and it does not display bmon anywhere in the lcd its not in dbug mode,
Also a bit more info would help what type of box how many chips etc.
hope this helps.
your right thats what it says and i dont know how many chips it has m8
what type of box is it you can see how many chips it has thrugh the vents
left hand side of middle on a nokia shine a torch to see them.
theres 2 little intel chips on the left s
middle are these the one
yes thats them is it a nokia or sagem as we need to no this
you need to read up on how to put your box into debug mode.
You will need to know the bmon version and you will need the software to put it into debug.
Before you do anything read the tutorials regarding putting the box in debug mode.
It is not too difficult but you are better reading things over a few times first.