best rom for desire


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Jan 7, 2007
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Just wondered if any of you lot could suggest a good rom for a rooted desire have been on the opendesire rom since the ps3 thing came out but now dont need open desire so looking for a good rom any suggestions
Its really a matter of preference but I'm using AuraxTSense 7.8.1 , used quite a few over the last few months but really like this one
Smitten with Richardtrips "defrost"
Very quick.. No sense interface. Battery life is very good too with a choice of kernels to install "on the fly".
have switched to AuraxTSense 7.8.1 to see how it goes does seem very basic but seems to do the job
I use leedroid, its a sense rom I love it I have used them for a while now and never had any probs with them and updates are produced fast too.
The new hd rom that is ported for the desire is also excellent but the camera sadly doesn't work on the hd port.

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