Best program to extract an ISO????


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Mar 31, 2006
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was just wondering what the best program is to extract an ISO so i can FTP into my xbox.
I'm currently using SimpleXISO v03 but it doesn't always extract the ISO in full.
So then i have to burn it onto a DVD then use DVD2Xbox to get it on my hard drive. which is a bit of a pain...

I have used Alchohol 120% in the past and i think that might work for you.
i thought alcohol was just burning software...
am i wrong?
No, i don't think it is.
I think you can use it to convert the iso to what ever format it is in. With regards to what you need to do after that I'm sorry i can't help you.
Once the file is converted i suppose you can use it in what ever way you need to.
the two I've used in the past are PowerISo, and deamon tools (has spyware apparently). Not sure if they are only emulators, but they do extract the image.
is QWIX still available, i used to use that one i think.
They should all do the job. One I use and my fav is Ultra ISO, has own burner, can convert ISOs Nero, Alcohol, CloneCD. Loads of other features..
you can use a program like nero to burn the image file which an iso is. you can extract iso with winrar
Qwix, if you've never used it then u need to try it.

Blinding FTP speeds, especially if you use Avalaunch.
Sorry to jump in here but i want to extract games of my mates xbox so i can burn them to disc. I have used Qwix in the past to ftp iso to the xbox but now i want to do it the other way around and been a while since i messed with xbox1.

Would qwix extract an iso from xbox ?>

i use craxtion4 this has a lot of options to make mixed game iso if you hav space left on dvd u know
extracts iso
makes iso
mixed (with game choice menu) game iso
games save manager (see thumbnail id number in gui)
sytems restore managment

if game failed exception happens with undoing iso
i use Qwix101