Before I Do, Virgin Soft Do's\Don'ts Help


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Feb 17, 2006
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Hi All

Obviously the new software is out. Don't really like the idea of it but hey I'm sure we will all have to jump onto it at one point but before I do, can anyone please post any problems they found when they upgraded.

I've read a lot of posts about people losing channels etc

But what is the difference ???

Tier info is mentioned alot but that's an issue with the current software isn't it (or does it look deeper )???

Or does the new software have more checks ??

What about blockers ? have people had success using these on the new software ? ( I no u guys aren't keen on blockers (traders tools etc) but i'm no trader and personally I think blockers are the dog's nik nacks. had most of the family running on them for over 2years now without ever having to reprog((Thats Better Service Than VIRGIN:)

Does the new software tag the otp area if any data fails the EMM check?

Thanks Guys/Gals

All comments are welcome.

Hopefully it will make my transition smoother.