BBC secures lifetime rights to 'Heroes'


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Aug 29, 2001
The BBC has picked up the lifetime rights to air Heroes in the UK.

The broadcaster has signed a deal with US studio NBC Universal to show all future seasons of the cult drama, staving off a potential rival bid from Sky.

"As long as Heroes is on in the US, we will show Heroes," BBC acquisitions head George McGhee told DS. "It's a long-term partnership, and I think that was the right thing to do. [NBC] are really pleased that we've got Heroes - and they don't want it going to a commercial broadcaster."

The BBC plans to air the upcoming third season on BBC Two and BBC Three from late September, just days after its US broadcast.


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Aug 10, 2001
Dont want to go off topic too much, but this series and the bbc 'win' was one that has continued to serious pi$$ed sky off :). A couple of weeks ago Sky made official submission to Ofcom regarding the BBC buying rights to Hollywood movies and series. In brief they have declared that the bbc should not be bidding as it is not what public money should be funding, Sky argue that 'PSB' funding should be used for areas not served by other broadcasters ~ie. crappy stuff the 'majority' dont want, so nobody else funds, which is the bbc's obligation.

Guardian said:
....BSkyB said the BBC was obliged to focus on areas the market was not serving well, "where there is a real deficit in provision".

"The BBC should step back entirely from other areas. In particular, there is no justification for the BBC using public money to outbid commercial broadcasters for Hollywood films and US series," the company added.

BSkyB said the fact the BBC was spending £100m a year on acquired programming and "appears to be increasingly aggressive in this area" is a "clear signal that its existing remit and governance structure is fundamentally flawed".

It believes that the BBC will need to "pull back" as the market delivers more public service content and "reduce the burden on the licence-fee payer accordingly".
Sorry to go off track, but anyway I personally think its good to see the bbc becoming more 'aggressive'. Never watched Heroes myself but I hope it wins viewers.


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Jun 30, 2007
Great news. Its annoying enough having to wait for the next episode as its gripping stuff. Last thing you want to ruin your enjoyment is damn commericals.

Now if BBC continue to get good american shows/movies and show great british comedy then you can say the licence fee is worth it.

Can't believe sky complained to ofcom, makes me laugh they did though