Back from a week on the broads!


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Nov 9, 2005
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In limbo!
Was fantastic all family had a fantastic time. We visited africa alive in lowestoft, and bewilderwood in wroxham yesterday.

It really is a fantastic holiday that really makes you take life at a slower pace. The boats are a bit small but no different to a static caravan i suppose. Ours was a 37 footer that slept 6. Recomend it to anyone though.:)
welcome back sargie, you've not missed much. :)
went when i was in high school and loved it! always said id go back... might think about it next year..
id have a boat over a cavervan any day mate not been myself but most of my mates have said how good the norfolk boards are glad u had a great time mate
Glad you had a good time mate.
My prents used to own a boat and we had some cracking holidays on the broads .
As already mentioned "its a slower pace of life".
No you didnt miss much.
Thanks all yeah it was really nice quite peacfull cruising along. There were some scary moments like when crossing breydon water it feels like your out at sea lol. There are some real low bridges too. The lowest we went through left us with3 inches between it and the roof of our boat lol.
Who did you book with and was it a cruiser or narrowboat?
Glad you had such a good time Sargie.

I think it's something my wife and I would enjoy. I like the idea of spending a week or so living on a boat.