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Oct 11, 2005
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i'm still hving problems with my dbox, freezing, sticking, chirping only on some channels, some channels work fine. i have tried everything from ucodes to different images, signal is fine as other 2 work. i might buy a new tuner, but need to make sure i'm doing the right thing

need more info about your setup (Current Image Box Type etc).

mgb said:
Do you own 3 sagem boxes?

i dont have 3 sagem boxes, i just helped my mates who always bring theirs to my house if they get any problems.. so got 2 others to work on and test

my setup: using sportster 1.75 x1, tried 1.72 x1, tried boxcracker x1. its a sagem dbox2, never had a problem with sagem b4
Try ucode 001A, disable GTX avia watchdog and enable SPTS and do a reboot.
cheers lads, i'll try this 2nite, let u know how it went, also how do u change ucodes in boxcracker menu
dont think u can change ucodes in boxcracker menu; think thats only for the sportsters :(