CD & DVD audio out of sync?!!?!?!plz help


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Mar 3, 2005
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hey guys i recently started encoding all my avi files with cinema craft encoder sp,. what i would do is firstly demux both the video and sound in virtualdub, i would then encode the video in cce to mpeg2 and the audio with tmpgenc sound player to ac3. heres the problem when it comes to authoring the sound seems to be out of sync. when the movie starts the sounds is perfect, but if were to select a chapter then the audio is way of sync completely, when i also choose any random frame on the video the sound is still out of sync. ive checked the times of both the video and audio and they are both exactly the same, so why is it that this happens and is there anyway to ovecome it?
hi m8, try dvd santa works for me lips sync ok with it, well it is for me i had the same problems as you tried all sorts of different software but santa seems to do the trick :)
two more tried and tested programs are winavi or convertxdvd both do the job fine and very easy to use just click on avi file and click convert then wait and your done winavi is faster but i`ve noticed cos it is faster wen i converted THE REEF the voices wer out of sync i put this done to the fatc that it converts twice as fast as the others so if this does happen then i`ll use convertxdvd never fails !
Hey guys thankyou very much for the replys, ive used convertx.. and dvdsanta before and both are very good, but since experimenting with cce sp2 the quailty of output is just amazing, and it takes cce only about an hour to give me a crisp mpeg2 file. what i tried again was converting only the video in cbr mode and then playing it with the original wav file and same problem, every time i fast forawrd the film or choose a random framethe sound it is way of sync, its very strange for this to happen, both audio and video streams are the same size, i tried mutiplexing both the video and previous ac3 audio and i still get a lag..could there be a problem with the audio?