au image for rom 7 nightmare


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Nov 3, 2005
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what a nightmare this is anyone got an auto update image for a rom7 on pure nthell tried all i can find but only free channels with unsubscribed message for others
Try this one. Not tried it myself but looks like it has everything necessary !

Does sound like you have an IRD/Boxkey problem though. How are you changing your IRD/Boxkey in the image bearing in mind that NagraEdit is not compatible with Rom7 images ?
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sorry capcomind said sorted as not to waste anyones time on this basically doing for a friend gave up after about 4hrs tried even putting keys in from a working rom 11 i will advise everyone to stay well clear of the older 4001 and go for a 4010 or a sammy as these are rom 11 and alot easier to do hope to stay clear of rom 7 in future sorry to get your hopes up
Pretty much any box, whether it be 1000,2000,4000 etc, will work with any Rom card if its programmed correctly.

The 4001 will work perfectly well with Rom7, 10 or 11 !
thanks for that nozzer i didnt know