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Feb 3, 2007
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Hiya every1 iv tried removeing the atmel chip on a faulty pace 2000 box with a standard soldering iron the box now dont come on as i fucked it up, im not bothered about fixing it but id like to no how you can perfectly remove the atmel chip in the pace 2000 box? I heard you can use a special hot soldering kit called hot tweezers any 1 able to help me and tell me how to perfectly lift and remove the atmel chip on a pace 2000?

Thanks for ya feed back people :eater:
It is possible to remove them with a soldering iron by keeping a pool of solder molten at each end of the TSOP and lifting it with tweezers. Probably takes a bit of practice if you aren't used to soldering.

Soldering tweezers are better suited to reworking MELF type devices.
I've done lots of SMT rework :).

The easiest way is probably with a hot air rework station but if you budget doesn't stretch to that I know people have achieved the same result with a gas pencil.

I find refitting these more reliable if you remove all of the solder from the pads using desoldering braid rather than re-fluxing and reflowing again. You can then flood each end of the chip with solder and then remove the excess with the braid.

I took off the atmels with a gas pencil can they be damaged that way. I may have heated them too much because now I only get 8888 on box. Is the box f****d or is there hope for it yet. The reason I`d took atmels off was because it was stuck in an update loop.

I have used Hot tweezers for removing PS2 la/ba chips atmel chps.
They take a little getting used to but work
Is it a XYTRONIC 226.
Just get the correct tips "rapid Electronics" sell them or "The Solderman" on ebay.

You have to be carefull with hot air rework, getting the pressure and temp can be a pain in the arse.