DVB - PC Cards At Last - replaced MCE2005 :)


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Jan 13, 2007
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I have finally got my replacement for MCE2005 working
I am using Mediaportal with a Technotrend C1500 (latest stable 0.2.2 release with 14/2 svn) This is also working with the mdapi filter plugin ;)
It does take a while to write out the correct transponder file for your area and I had to scan the file probably about 10 times before it picked up and put in all my channels :)
I can't believe how good the mediaportal s/w is - IMHO it is way better than MCE2005 : colors1
Agreed! MP wipes the floor with MCE! And to those that claim its buggy..... no probs here!
I assume you mean me, its a well documented problem that if you try and maximise/minimise while trying to watch T.V. then the program stops responding and to me that is buggy!
I love mediaportal but when i got round to building my HTPC about a year an half ago it wasn't stable enough. I've been using SageTv happily since and really love its ditributed networking - i have 1 main server and 3 (cheap mvp) extenders and it works a treat. Hopefully when the TV server 3 is ready in MP we'll be able to use some decent good value extenders with it.