Assassins Creed Brotherhood Beta


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Nov 21, 2005
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just a heads up that the online multiplayer beta is available on the store just now, for psn+ subscribers only.

downloading it just now. its just over 3gb in size
So now the real game is on because it wont be long before all games insist on 3.50 so they need to release the newer fw hacks... :)
i downloaded this off my bro plus account yesterday, its pretty lame tbh, you have a target and you are also a target of someone else, you walk about yes walk if you run it tells you its not normal and when you find your target you hit the square button to kill them,

it was ok for all of 5 mins then i shut it off.

believe me its not the best multiplayer game and the idea is whack too. if your happy walking around looking for a target then just hittingthe square button when you find him go for it, waste of a 3 gig dl esp for a demo.
I cant get this to play , I'm using a Minimus AVR USB ,I was using Hermes 4b but it kept asking to update to 3.50 ,
I then downloaded 3 or four other hexes that were supposed to spoof 3.50
but it just freezes with black screen,
Anybody know exactly what hex I need to flash to get this working

Awe Shit, just noticed this thread is for the beta release well its the actual Euro Game and I'm trying to play it from internal h/d
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