Arsenal - Season thoughts and general!!


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Mar 29, 2005
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Hi all

Let me first say it hasnt been a terrible season and if we compare the pre-season expectations to now I would say we have generally over achieved!!

To finish third is an improvement, one more round in the champions league, semi final in the league cup and put out of the FA by United (as opposed to Barnsley). Over all for most teams this would be a great season!!

My problem is that we have failed to pick up any silverware again due to a lack of depth in the squad. We also have too many "almost" players and when the crunch comes they are just not up to the job!! Eboue is a classic example - he has the heart of a lion but the touch of an elephant!!

Injuries have also been a problem - we have far too many crocks. Van Persie, Diaby, Rosiscky and even Hleb to a certain extent? These players seem to get injured after a couple of games and then end up on the sidelines for weeks!! Its dead wood and they should be cleared out as soon as possible. Im willing to put good money on Van Persie playing every game for Holland this summer????

My next moan is the money side of things!! We were told that the move to the emirates wouldnt saddle us with debt and it would infact increase our ability to spend big in the transfer market? Now we are told that we cant spend big due to the stadium debt??? Well forgive me for perhaps not understanding the finances but to my reckoning we should be quids in.

First the stadium cost us £330 million
We got £100 million naming rights from emirates
We got £150 million from Nike
We get the TV money worldwide we have been shown every game this season _ I have not missed one game on a satellite somewhere!! must be £50 million per season??
We make £3 million clear profit on gate receipts alone every home game - times that by 30 games (league and cups) £90 million
Plus merchandising must be another good lump?
And now the sales of the new builds on the old site???

Where is it all going? We should be clear of debt already??

Our kitty is put at £25 million ? - It was more than that last season ??

To be contunued .... got to go out!!!