Are Man City ruining English football


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Apr 29, 2007
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Gasman I hope you are taking this good natured mate its only a joke fella. Unfortunately this subject of city,utd or any other teams will last till the end of time.:respect:.Cant wait for the derby though can you?. Should be quite interesting.

Yea dont worry im taking it in the spirit it's intended, it's just funny in it's own right because it's City. The whole clubs fookin jinxed for christ sake lmao cant help feeling that it's all gonna go tits up before the unlucky bar stewards get their scruffy little mits on a trophy lol. Although that said if any set of fans deserve a trophy it's them poor lot haha. Cant wait for the derby and looks like it could be as hotly contested as the clashes last year.. Just hope were not on the wrong end of a 3-0 spanking hehe


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Mar 16, 2005
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ah well looks like the crying of the mercenaries has started already. First with Bellamy and now one of the biggest clowns in modern football aka Adebayor threatening to leave if he's not in starting line-up regularly.

If i was city i'd just tell him to jog on. Honestly does he really think he deserves starting place when he's so off form, plus his only real competition is Carlos Tevez. If he cant handle competition from 1 player then he should be playing in the minnow leagues.
He should hav learnt this lesson at Arsenal, but unfortunately at the time only proper striker they had was Persie and he was always injured