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Mar 17, 2005
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Hey guys and gals

Thanks for getting the arcade back....but what has happened there are only a few games and they are not that good...cant we have the old arcade back...:mad: :mad:

I dont know what everybody else thinks, but there was definately more variety before!!!!!

Please please please can we have the old arcade back
:classic: :classic:
it is the old arcade :)

it was very messy before had 500 games but was not in good order, tell me some names of games and i will add them back

Mickie D
where do i begin......

i will list them as i remember.....the first being Motherload, Summer sports, cone crazy, Fishy, Monkey jump......the list goes on....hows this for now.....while you are at it mickey....can you get dinner dash for my wasnt on the arcade before...but she is adicted...
:Cheers: :Cheers: :Cheers: :Cheers:
Thanks Mickey
any chance of getting a game similar to the old nintendo classic DR Mario, i know tetris is along the same lines but i just loved Dr Mario :Cheers:
Mickie D said:
tell me some names of games and i will add them back

Homers beer run,it was the only one i was any good at ;)