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Jul 28, 2007
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Completely remove installed security software

Maybe we’re just being paranoid, but it appears more difficult to remove security software than any other installed application. You would have thought that the security software developers would never want us to remove their apps. Actually there are valid reasons. If you install a security suite, it will integrate deep in to your system. For example, an anti-spam add-on for your email client, messenger and your startup applications.

Run the uninstaller supplied with your security software and you’ll often find that it doesn’t always remove every aspect of an installed application. Installers aren’t that intelligent. If you leave your email client open, whilst you uninstall, it may not remove the anti-spam module. After this, you may be stuck with components from the old security application.

AppRemover is a specialist software removal tool that’s designed to remove installed security applications from various suppliers. It’s ideal for when you want to completely eradicate installed security software with the intention of installing fresh security tools. There’s no obvious information from the website regarding the security software it supports (and, thus, removes), but it supports the most obvious anti-virus and anti-spyware applications.

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